Lodge & Cabin Collection


WELCOME Your Guest

With This Family Of Five Bears


Offering a Large Selection Of Unique Lodge & Cabin Accessories

You can Welcome your guest with this friendly bear or flip the sign to tell them Go Away! 


Playful wild life

Bring in all the birds 

and animals with this  

Bird bath / Water Bowl.

Your sure to invite 

a Deer or two in for a 

friendly drink with this.

Our Collection

We keep a wide collection of Lodge & Cabin accessories between both stores. 

If your looking for Bears Statues, Lamp, Deer or Elk animals or any other type wildlife, I'm sure you'll find the perfect item.

We can move product between both stores if needed.

If we are out of it at one store, we can get it for you so you don't have to make a trip to pick it up. 

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